marlino - Jacken, Parkas, Mäntel - Lässige Eleganz mit Leder und Fel

MARLINO - A Philosophy

In 2009 Dirk Nienaber and his wife, designer Mel Nienaber, founded MARLINO – a brand for people searching for the authentic and exceptional. The collections merge traditional materials such as fur, leather, and boiled wool and put together functional fabrics, innovative prints and modern processing techniques. The thorough dedication invested in the fine details gives MARLINO pieces that „special something“ – a fusion of glamour with a casual effortlessness.

The founders' passion focuses not only on the finished product, but is present from the very first idea throughout the whole exciting process of creation.

Respecting humans, animals and nature , MARLINO chose to refrain from the conventional, low-cost / high-profit production methods favored by the mass industry. This is made possible through stable cooperations with manufacturers who take pleasure in implementing traditional methods as well as developing innovations. All Marlino coats and jackets are produced under fair conditions on the European continent only.

An integral part of the MARLINO philosophy is the strict renouncement of farmed furs such as raccoon, fox, or mink. All coats are made exclusively from leathers and furs which have been verified as by-products of the food industry; these are in particular rabbit and lamb furs.

Based on this passion and philosophy, timeless favorites with true value and lasting quality are created by MARLINO.

Mel and Dirk Nienaber
Mel and Dirk Nienaber